Workshops by Frank Eber | Atmospheric Watercolor Fine Art
A painter’s painter, Frank Eber works in a direct, loose style influenced by the Old World masters. Typical in his art are color mixes and light that evoke nostalgia while remaining absolutely in the present. Frank’s watercolor workshops reach beyond technique, encouraging individual expression and observing the elusive balance of forces that create beauty in painting. The techniques you will learn in Frank’s workshops transcend the watercolor medium, as they are applicable to oils, acrylics, tempera, pastels, etc…

Please contact me for information and scheduling national or international workshops, demonstrations, or lectures.




August 13–17: Coastal Maine, Rockland, ME. Contact Lyn Donovan ( Very few spots left!

September 2–9: Painting in the French Alps! You’ve “done” Paris, Provence and the Dordogne, how about the French Alps? Click here for more information. This is a small class setting, which I enjoy very much, with a very involved organizer. CLASS IS FULL!

October 1–5: Utah Watercolor Society, Salt Lake City, UT. Click for more info Linda Flannery at

November 9-11: Portrait workshop, Schroeder Studio Orange CA. Please follow this link:

Painting & Drawing the Face

2019 (incomplete)

January 11-13: Workshop Destination Art, Torrance CA.. For more info please email David:

February 4-8: Workshop Idaho Watercolor society, Boise ID. For more info please email Anne:

March 31-April 4: Workshop with Waterloo Watercolor, Austin TX.

May 16-18: Workshop at INGRID’S ORIGINALS INC. Chicago, IL. For more info, please email:

June 4-7: Workshop at Art of the Lakes For more info, please email Jody:

June 10-13: Workshop at Creative Art Center, Cape Cod. For more info please email

July 29- Aug1: Workshop at Cheap Joe’s, NC

Sept. 30 – Oct4: Workshop at the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. For more info please email Leslie: