FAQ / Contact

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting me. If your question was not answered, use the form below. Thank you.


  1. Do you sell prints? I sell only original paintings; see the Latest Artwork page or my Instagram account. Unfortunately paintings cannot be returned. I am also represented by Ambleside Gallery (NC) and CaliforniaWatercolor.com (CA).
  2. Do you sell artwork directly through your studio? I do; please use the Contact form below to inquire about a painting. However, my galleries (see Representation at right) are very loyal to me and do their best to promote my artwork. I would never consider undermining their hard work to sell at a discount.
  3. Can I return a painting I bought? I changed my mind. Unfortunately paintings cannot be returned.



  1. Where and how can I buy your paintbrushes? The DaVinci paintbrushes can only be bought from me directly. Please email me for details, pricing, shipping, etc.
  2. Can I buy your paintbrushes if I live outside the United States? The DaVinci paintbrushes are available only in United States. If you live in Alaska and Hawaii, please let me know in your email.
  3. Can I return a paintbrush I bought? I changed my mind. Unfortunately paintbrushes cannot be returned.



  1. Is there a workshop scheduled for my area? If you don’t see your city/state listed on the Workshops page, it’s unlikely one is scheduled there at this time. If you are a workshop administrator for an art association, please use the form below.
  2. I am attending your workshop at (X) location and I have lots of questions! I will do my best to answer your questions directly, but certain topics can be better addressed by the workshop venue. It’s best to contact the workshop venue for questions related to travel, accommodations, food, transport, and materials. Please email me if the workshop venue is non-responsive!
  3. Do your plein air workshops require a lot of walking? If you have mobility or other issues, please contact the workshop venue. They will know the various plein air locations and may have resources regarding transport, equipment, etc. Usually painting spots are located within 5 minutes maximum of a parking/drop-off/meeting area.



  1. What materials do you use? Please see my Materials and Equipment list.
  2. How do you mix your greys/colors? Unfortunately I do not give painting tips over the internet.
  3. If I send you pictures, will you critique my work? Unfortunately I do not critique artwork over the internet.
  4. Do you offer tutoring or private critiquing sessions in person or over the internet? No, not at this time.
  5. Do you have DVDs? Are you on YouTube? I do NOT have DVDs, downloads, or YouTube videos available.
  6. Do you take commissions? I am not taking commissions at this time.



  1. Have you been published in any magazines? Yes; see the Publications page.
  2. What books would you recommend to an aspiring painter? Please see my Materials and Equipment list.