Frank Eber DaVinci Paintbrushes | Atmospheric Watercolor Fine Art

I am happy to announce that I officially have my own paintbrush line! I am very proud to work with DaVinci, one of the oldest brush manufacturers in the world, and based out of Nuremberg, Germany. Many know Nuremberg as a quality brushmaker city. And DaVinci continues the tradition despite the cheap and low-quality competition in the market today. Few companies make brushes on-site in the Western world, so I am very honored to partner with them. Their brushes are handmade by artisans who do three- and five- year apprenticeship, depending on brush specialty! I was fortunate enough to visit the DaVinci factory in 2015; read my blog post here.

The Frank Eber by DaVinci Series 224 brushes come in three sizes: 2, 4, and 6. The brushes have newly-developed, fully-synthetic hair that hold the same amount of water a natural hairbrush would. Better yet, bristles never break. Best of all, no animals were harmed in the process! Made in Germany.

Also available: The new Dartana #7, fully synthetic round ‘dagger style’ brush for details!!!

Contact me for availability. All paintbrush sizes are available for purchase at my workshops.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the product(s) all sales are final. Sorry, returns are not possible.